Welcome back to the “Pearl of the Orient”

We arrived back in China on September 2, 2017 after a month-long vacay in the US. After our 11-hour plane ride from Sea-Tac to Incheon, we walked to our next gate for our flight to Shanghai. We did the same route when we flew over, and I excitedly spent the short 2-hour layover exploring the duty-free shops selling Korean specialties (kimchi, seaweed, and the like) as well as cosmetics.

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28 exchange students on what they will miss about Seoul

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My Spring semester in Korea flew by… I really wish I could just throw a tantrum and force life to let out a breathy sigh and say “Okay, you can stay here forever.” But, alas.

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Best worst week of my life

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As the saying goes: Things never go according to plan. One might call it a setback; just life’s recurring milestone to lordly remind us of our frantic existence. Like forlorn subjects, we move on. Perhaps briefly we’re annoyed, but ultimately—or forcedly, rather—we forget.

But there are other things—like things that say, require months in advance of meticulous planning—that are far and away the contrary. When these things go unrealized…

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China: Shocks of culture

Truth is, I really haven’t been to that many places throughout the world. It wasn’t until just recently that I developed a drive to explore and began working towards becoming some sort of full-fledged wanderer.

And although I was born outside of the U.S. and even lived in different parts of the West Coast, “culture shock” is something I’ve truly yet to experience.

That is, until I went to China.

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