Hey, I’m Matt! I’m an RP-born, self-labelled Cascadian; ’93 baby aspiring to become an IT professional (am I late in the game?).

In my spare time, I like to learn languages and eat in other countries.




Hello everyone! 大家好!こんにちは!안녕하세요! (Whew, I covered a few of my bases!) I’m Josie, a PNW-native, hoping to give a good rep to the ol’ stars and stripes while living abroad in Hangzhou, China.

I live here in China with my husband, Lu, a native of Hangzhou city, in the “international-marriage-I-never-saw-coming”. We enjoy traveling both in our home countries and abroad. I’m currently a Master’s student at Zhejiang University, studying botany. In my spare time, I dream about our future fur-baby and what I should name it (the options are endless people!)

P.S. I am neither fluent in Chinese, Japanese, nor Korean, but I strive to be in the future. ❤