28 exchange students on what they will miss about Seoul

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My Spring semester in Korea flew by… I really wish I could just throw a tantrum and force life to let out a breathy sigh and say “Okay, you can stay here forever.” But, alas.


Aliciea • 20 • Minnesota

“Might sound kinda funny, but all the cosmetics LOL. Why cosmetics? Well first off, I’m a make up fanatic. Korean food I can get at home; Korean people I can alway meet. The city ~ I can drive to mine, but cosmetics are too expensive to buy online. It’s cheap here.”


Alvaro • 26 • Spain

“The friends that I made here, actually like I will go back to live to Seoul because of my work, I won’t miss it. But things from here, will be the good Korean food, and the weird culture of Korea that mix old culture with the new one. Even the young people, that live with a strange character between them, totally different to Europe youngins.”


Anne • 20 • Germany

“I’ll miss the big city because I live in a small one. I’ll miss all those beautiful lights in the night especially at the Han River. I’ll miss the music in the streets and all the bars, restos, pubs, and clubs. And I’ll miss the people; the couple outfits were sometimes sooo funny. I’ll miss everything.”


Becca • 21 • California

“Public transportation for it’s convenience and how it saves money. The food because it’s delicious. The safety because I feel super safe here.”


Carina • 19 • Texas

“Chicken! Self-bar! Food. Subway. Nightlife. How safe it is. The guys; not you guys, the well-dressed guys. Lol jk you guys too. And not taking classes seriously.”




Carl • 25 • Sweden

“There are several things that I will miss from Korea, and some things that I prefer the way they are back home. ^^ First of all, I will miss being in another culture, it’s something exhausting, yet free about being in a total different country and culture. You’re always a bit confused, and always find new things. It’s like being a kid again. You try all these different things and yet realize that things are not so different from home after all, people are still people. But for the purpose of “making a list” I would say:

1. The life of studying here at Konkuk. It’s so much more immersive experience than I have back home were I “live” at home and “go to school” for a couple of hours three days a week. Here, almost your whole life is within the campus and the people who live there.

2. Connected to the previous answer, being so close to your friends is both amazing and exhausting at the same time. ^^

3. The mountains of Korea. As a nature-nerd, I do love my mountains, and Korea has like 70% of them. ^^

4. Prices. The prices here makes me feel like I’m working, and not being a student. Being able to eat what I want, take a cab or go for a holiday without having to eat ramen for a month is quite nice.

5. The manners of the Koreans. No street crime, you don’t have to worry about people taking your stuff, and the respect that the older generation gets is quite refreshing, although I admit that it sometimes goes to the extremes. But mix it 50/50 with the Swedish culture and we’ve got something.

6. I’m a bit ambivalent regarding the city of Seoul, it’s really an enormous city, but it’s a little bit too crowded for me who even thinks that Stockholm has too many people in it (800,000).”


Chris K • 21 • California

“I will miss… Probably all the Korean faces around me, not being out of the ordinary upon sight. Also the bell service. And chicken… And delivery, no taxes, and bingsoo.”


Chris R • 23 • Germany

“I would say the campus life with all the students, Korean food, and I guess the culture. Because I really like the different culture here.”


David • 25 • Germany

“The thing I will miss the most is how convenient everyday normal life in Seoul is. Cabs are really cheap and they are almost everywhere. Many grocery stores are open 24h and there are a lot of them. And even if you were too lazy to go there, you could order delivery service. Even from McDonalds.”




Edgar • 19 • Texas

“Hmm the subway. It’s cheap, efficient and it can get you around the entire city.”


Eleanor • 20 • California

“I would pick the subway since it makes getting places pretty easy. Once you get used to how it works, finding places and exploring is made simpler. Sometimes it is still a little confusing, but it’s nice how the signs and announcements are also in English. I’m going to miss being able to travel around so easily and it’s pretty affordable too.”


Julia N • 26 • Germany

“There a too many things I will miss about Korea. But here a few things that just came to my mind:

• The mountains and the fact that you can always see them because we don’t have them [in Germany].

• Korean barbeque because it’s freaking delicious and together with beer and soju it’s kind of a celebrating and special moment every time (actually: Korean food in general).

• Soju and makkoli; they’re not the most delicious drinks but that’s what will remind me of here so bad…

• Hangeul because I fell in love with this lettering and I got so much used to it that it begins to feel like domestic.

• Drunken Koreans sleeping in restaurants and on the street because it makes me smile.

• Korean body language because it’s so… cute and different (I wonder what if I grew up in Korea).

• The ajummas (I love them) because they are scary and adorable at the same time.

• The couple culture (included couple looks) because nobody would ever walk around like this in my country.

• The super duper professional colorful hiking fashion because it was completely new to me.

• Korean way of nail polishing because it’s surprises and inspires me every single time.

• The fact you can find a norebang after every five meters… How can it be possible? I still wonder.

• Korean convenient stores because they are so convenient.

• Free water everywhere because it’s vital and you don’t have to buy 2 liter bottles

and many many mooore things… believe me, it would take days.”




Julia T • 20 • Germany

“The food (especially bbq, seafood, all the side dishes everytime, gimbab, bibimbab, to share the food…). And I will miss my new friends here, practicing my English, Mystik (my favorite club in Itaewon), the water machines everywhere to refill your bottle, and to eat very cheap in restaurants.”




Kat • 21 • South Carolina

“The view of the city and the duck boats in the park. I don’t know why but the duck boats have been my favorite thing here. The city: well, I’ve always loved cities. It’s just something that will always have my heart but duck boats have a charm I can’t really describe.”


Kate • 19 • China

“I think it’s all the fashion stuff. Because in my hometown or in China, girls in my age normally don’t do makeup also not pay much attention to clothes or how they look. So for me, it will be totally different when I’m back.”


Kellianne • 20 • Hawaii

“Korea in general, the food. In regards to Seoul, probably being able to get around the city so easily. Like everything is so accessible. And I like the city life, at least Seoul’s. Why? Lol.”


Kia • 22 • Wisconsin

“The nightlife here :”(; hot Korean guys; my Korean friends; the transportation systems hurrr….; Korean chicken; spicy chicken; Korean money; mirrors; dorms security guards ^^; fighting couples”


Lynette • 20 • Texas

“Mmm everything :(((! Besides the people, I’m gonna miss seeing the city transform at night; all the tall buildings with nice lights because you don’t see that back in El Paso. I’m gonna miss making fun of the couples that dress the same lol. I’m gonna miss chicken delivery! So much because it’s soo convenient. Walking really late at night and feeling safe; I wouldn’t feel that way back at the states… I could keep going lol.”


Mari • 19 • Texas

“Mmmm I’m gonna miss walking around the city because no one walks around back home, everyone just drives. I’m gonna miss trying new Korean food. I’m going to miss all the historic monuments around the city. And Chicken!”


Mohammed • 24 • Sweden

“Han River. Because there aren’t many places like that where you can hang out.”


Nikesh • 20 • Netherlands

“I will definitely miss the party scene, they have bars everywhere and the nightlife is amazing. Ehm jimjilbang was amazing, cheap food and of course soju!”




Niklas • 21 • Finland

“Hmm, probably the whole ‘big city feeling’. There’s always something to do here.”


Oliver • 25 • New Jersey

“Ddoba Chicken because it has the answer to the universe and the meaning of life.”


Renate • 26 • Netherlands

“I will miss the chaos and order Seoul has at the same time. For example the subway:

People are supposed to stand in one line in front of the doors to get in, instead everyone just rushes in as soon as possible and grabs the free seats that are closest by. But still, people have that feeling that there has to be some order so people are not loud in the subway and most people wear uniform way of clothing, only a few people really stand out with their clothing style.”


Rocio • 23 • Texas

“I would say safety and subway. Safety because even El Paso is a safe city I don’t feel safe like walking around during night. I don’t know why. Probably because of the people they don’t look at me with the intention to hurt me. The way they look at me is in a good way.

And the subway oh man is the best thing ever, even I have used other subways such as Barcelona, London, and Mexico City, this subway is different. Is different in the way is easy to used they have the subway app and the people are harmonious.”


Shoua • 21 • Wisconsin

“The night life and you guys because when I go back home, no one is gonna hang out with me or go out with me at night. Imma miss the well-dressed Korean guys too.”


Solène • 19 • France

“I will miss Korea of course, I love the country, the culture and I felt like home. Specific things: people, city, culture, food ^^”




Yin • 25 • China

“As for now I think I will miss the free art and cultural atmosphere in Seoul, because we can always enjoy the singing, dance, or magic show on the street as well as the streets with interesting drawings on the walls (like 낙산공원), even in some small districts, which makes the city more energetic and attracting, I think. Sometimes although I don’t visit specific places, I just walk around some area at ease and I can easily find some beautiful corners. So I think I enjoy here and will miss it after I leave.”



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