My Favorite Foods in China (Part 1 of Many)


In the past week, I’ve found myself in quite a school-cafeteria-food-rut. I’m usually pretty hungry by mealtime, but nothing at the numerous school cafeterias on my campus (we have over 8 cafeterias by my knowledge) appeals to me. Seems like I’m either getting too picky or the food quality has really slid downhill. I guess I’m having one those weeks.

So, to get myself out of this rut and bring back my passion for Chinese cuisine, I thought what’s not a better way than to make a food post? There’s so many foods here I absolutely love! Continue reading “My Favorite Foods in China (Part 1 of Many)”


“Make Today Ridiculously” and other cringey English in Chinese fashion


If you’ve traveled internationally, or use the internet at all, you’ve probably seen examples of “translation fails.” Like, those signs whose English has just been lost-in-translation.

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Welcome back to the “Pearl of the Orient”

We arrived back in China on September 2, 2017 after a month-long vacay in the US. After our 11-hour plane ride from Sea-Tac to Incheon, we walked to our next gate for our flight to Shanghai. We did the same route when we flew over, and I excitedly spent the short 2-hour layover exploring the duty-free shops selling Korean specialties (kimchi, seaweed, and the like) as well as cosmetics.

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