My Favorite Foods in China (Part 1 of Many)


In the past week, I’ve found myself in quite a school-cafeteria-food-rut. I’m usually pretty hungry by mealtime, but nothing at the numerous school cafeterias on my campus (we have over 8 cafeterias by my knowledge) appeals to me. Seems like I’m either getting too picky or the food quality has really slid downhill. I guess I’m having one those weeks.

So, to get myself out of this rut and bring back my passion for Chinese cuisine, I thought what’s not a better way than to make a food post? There’s so many foods here I absolutely love! Continue reading “My Favorite Foods in China (Part 1 of Many)”


Welcome back to the “Pearl of the Orient”

We arrived back in China on September 2, 2017 after a month-long vacay in the US. After our 11-hour plane ride from Sea-Tac to Incheon, we walked to our next gate for our flight to Shanghai. We did the same route when we flew over, and I excitedly spent the short 2-hour layover exploring the duty-free shops selling Korean specialties (kimchi, seaweed, and the like) as well as cosmetics.

Continue reading “Welcome back to the “Pearl of the Orient””